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  1. History of Old Salty Crow

    Why had I not seen that before?! That’s awesome, Vile!
  2. Getting Started - Tips & Tricks

    So I ventured into the Battlefront 2 realm one more time. Basic game. $23... I've wasted as much on bad dinner and a shitty movie. Optimistic this time... Purchase and download. Cannot Download. I am cursed. Going to go back to The Division and Titanfall 2.
  3. Getting Started - Tips & Tricks

    I picked up the Trooper Edition on Saturday. It will either download and let me do the arcade and not install the game or it will not download. Apparently I need to get a Chat support going with a Playstation support rep before they will refund any money. Loosing my patients - but the Arcade mode was cool.
  4. Clan Banner

    There are a few Crows that play - and a few Crows that play are actually in the OSC clan. I'm going to wager maybe 1 will see this. I've changed the banner image to the closest resembling a Crow. Have a good day.
  5. How to make it Heroic

    Glimmer drill - destroy the small fallen device that spawns at each drillServitor(ether resupply) - kill the 3 small servitors when they spawnCabal mining - destroy the thresher shipInjection rig - destroy the ventsDisrupt vex - capture plates near the spireTaken blight - kill the large blight when you have Blight Receding buffWeapon exchange - unlock all of the cannons using the arc chargesWitches' ritual - stand in the green circle and shoot the crystal at the top corners of the portal
  6. Xur is back

    Agent of the Nine, Xûr Description: Xûr comes and goes freely, his strange curios too valuable to risk. Location: Nessus, Watchers Grave Exotic Gear: Name Type Power Cost Merciless Fusion Rifle 265 (+5 Mod) 29 Shards Raiden Flux Hunter Chest Armor 265 (+5 Mod) 23 Shards Doom Fang Pauldron Titan Gauntlets 265 (+5 Mod) 23 Shards Wings of Scared Dawn Warlock Chest Armor 265 (+5 Mod) 23 Shards
  7. Standard Operating Procedures

    So for any Crow that still reads the forums - I had a member comment that there have been some rather immature behavior in party chats. I would ask that if you are not familiar with our Standard Operating Procedures, that you take the time to read them. I am the last one to call out anyone for Salty language - we all do it from time to time. Please try to refrain from inflammatory commentary that might contain religious/racial/ethnic slurs. If you have any issues or problems with what we ask of our Brother Crows, please reach out to Vile, Drinka, KC, Lucky or myself. You can find us under the Staff link at the top of the forum. If you are having trouble reaching anyone, you can reach out to me. Thanks.
  8. hey OnePrairieOutpost I am 33 years old born in the Philippines. im an army brat but moved back to Tennessee as a kid. now living in Massachusetts all I do is work school and game. love blowing shit up n killing ppl on battlefield. im known for my conquest skills capping objectives and getting top score. I love bowling which is my hobbie.

  9. Confused Crow : ( Hardline/Rainbow 6 Siege FML

    Too many games to play and not enough time to play them. Unless you are a wealthy shut-in (no offense to our wealthy shut-in Crows...) Hardline - I like it BF4 - love it Destiny - love it Battlefront - love it Fallout4 - inbound to system Shit, I still have Watchdogs on my shelf. I hoard my games. So Air, you can keep your premium, trade in the game. IF you feel like getting back into it, pick up a used copy.
  10. How did you find out about OSC?

    For years I was an Xbox player. Had the original – bought it for my son. Then the 360 came out and we upgraded. I didn’t want to go with the XB1 and really liked the games and options that the PS4 offered. So I picked up the PS4 las April and purchased Destiny. It was fun but I missed playing Battlefield on my Xbox. I really didn’t want to grind out levels with a new account but bit the bullet and bought a used copy and established my premium account again (though I probably should not have). After a week of playing with random blueberries - not communicating, not PTFO, not playing as a team – I decided to check out the platoon recruitment page. Fuck it with all these hardcore-k/d mandate-must practice squads… I need a mature laid back place… Hmmm, Old Salty Crows… mature gaming. I created an account and was welcomed pretty quick and everyone seemed really laid back. Got in game and played. MY decision was made right then and happily I was voted in. I could not ask for a better group of guys to play with. Or as my wife refers to you – my imaginary friends! EDIT* I also have to admit that I do not believe that I ever ran the OSCr tag. I was so excited to be part of a functioning group that I started sending friend requests like a happy idiot and never saw the requirement to add the ® to the clan tag. I did get a kick out of reading the vote thread later on. It's always nice to see kind words from people you just barely met.
  11. Hardline

    Well? Anyone have any comments?
  12. BFH: Changes Made From The Beta

    I keep trying to remind myself that the two maps/game modes were a beta and recall the beta for BF3 (Metro) and the constant complaining on the forums before and after release. DICE has a history of release and review - remember the MAV elevator and the USAS-Frag shells? We'll see how it goes.