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  1. Too many games to play and not enough time to play them. Unless you are a wealthy shut-in (no offense to our wealthy shut-in Crows...) Hardline - I like it BF4 - love it Destiny - love it Battlefront - love it Fallout4 - inbound to system Shit, I still have Watchdogs on my shelf. I hoard my games. So Air, you can keep your premium, trade in the game. IF you feel like getting back into it, pick up a used copy.
  2. For years I was an Xbox player. Had the original – bought it for my son. Then the 360 came out and we upgraded. I didn’t want to go with the XB1 and really liked the games and options that the PS4 offered. So I picked up the PS4 las April and purchased Destiny. It was fun but I missed playing Battlefield on my Xbox. I really didn’t want to grind out levels with a new account but bit the bullet and bought a used copy and established my premium account again (though I probably should not have). After a week of playing with random blueberries - not communicating, not PTFO, not playing as a team – I decided to check out the platoon recruitment page. Fuck it with all these hardcore-k/d mandate-must practice squads… I need a mature laid back place… Hmmm, Old Salty Crows… mature gaming. I created an account and was welcomed pretty quick and everyone seemed really laid back. Got in game and played. MY decision was made right then and happily I was voted in. I could not ask for a better group of guys to play with. Or as my wife refers to you – my imaginary friends! EDIT* I also have to admit that I do not believe that I ever ran the OSCr tag. I was so excited to be part of a functioning group that I started sending friend requests like a happy idiot and never saw the requirement to add the ® to the clan tag. I did get a kick out of reading the vote thread later on. It's always nice to see kind words from people you just barely met.
  3. Well? Anyone have any comments?
  4. I keep trying to remind myself that the two maps/game modes were a beta and recall the beta for BF3 (Metro) and the constant complaining on the forums before and after release. DICE has a history of release and review - remember the MAV elevator and the USAS-Frag shells? We'll see how it goes.