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    I've had the same issue. I don't know if there is an issue with the game search or if there is nobody playing anymore. Even when I couldn't get in any games and searched for games to spectate I could usually only find one so I would venture to guess nobody is playing..
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    I've only played Incursions once and haven't really looked into it much but once I do it would nice to get 4 more Crows together and squad up for some 5 v 5. I think you can also create your own match, if I am correct and we can get Crows together on the same server for some matches I'll set something up for some balanced teams Crow on Crow trash talking matches. And I concur Prarie, fucking NooBs
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    How did you find out about OSC?

    I remember it was a lovely fall day last year. I had just popped a couple boner pills, picked up this cute little chic from the hood that I met on Ashley Madison dot com and stopped at the local ghetto store for a cheap 12 pack of glow in the dark condoms, ribbed for her pleasure, and some tuna fish because I get hungry after the Y and like to keep with the theme when I'm done. As we were leaving and I was pondering the many ways I was about to tear that ass up, it was almost going to be as bad as the ass beating KC got from my fantasy football team last week but that is another thread, I ran into who I can only assume was Triplet in the parking lot. I hated the Crows but it was this encounter that made me say if you can't beat them, join them.
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    Whats everyone's sensitivity settings on BFH?

    I'm kicking it Old School with your basic out of the box controller at 40%.
  5. Phantom_Mayhem

    Hardline Class setup

    Nice find there el_taco. Thank you.
  6. Phantom_Mayhem

    Hardline Class setup

    You can have several different load out setups and each needs to be setup different or they will all be the same by default. The more kills you get in a class the more load outs get unlocked in that class. I believe there is a separate load out for cops and robbers as there are different weapons and gadgets. If you change your first load out and you have 4 available the next 3 will not be the same as the first but the next 3 will be the same according to the default settings of that class if that makes sense. This is nice because you can have different load outs for different game modes or maps, remembering which one is for what sucks, I wish you could edit the load out 1,2,3 etc. with Conquest, heist, hot wire etc.. I have had issues with changing settings in game on BF4 and they don't save so I do it on Battlelog on the computer and have not had a problem with them not saving.
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    Single player, a lot of storyline. Only got through about 10-15 minutes of the game and it has been mainly walk through thus far. Not that this anything bad, just haven't actually played anything other than a couple minutes in this time frame. Don't like the fact you can't skip scenes even when you play through a prior assignment. Overall solid thus far. Played conquest, heist and hot wire online. To start, we started winning after Lucky left and when Air drops the money bag in heist they let you know by saying "numb nuts dropped the bag"... lol All joking aside overall solid game play thus far. Much like the beta, noticed better vehicle control and they lost the constant clunking sound. Faster game play than BF4 which takes a bit to get used to and is defiantly geared more toward team play and #PTFO. 11-1 will put at the bottom of the leader board if you do not #PTFO and 1-11 will put you at the top if you #PTFO. NO LAG and very smooth game play thus far including servers I only had a 4 out of 5 bar connection on. If you have specific questions you need answered please post, there is too much positive over BF4 to list in a post. Now if you will please excuse me I need to get back to Hardline and put Brokenfield 4 on a shelf to collect dust. Also note that if you get Deluxe you get the pre-order perks as well, at least I did. You also get your Veterans patch, I believe it is called, in a battle pack Mango.
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    Battlefield Hardline - The Block

  9. Phantom_Mayhem

    BFH Premium

    As uncovered by videogamer, it seems as though EA and Visceral will be launching a Battlefield Hardline ‘Premium’ service in the near future. So far, it seems that Premium will be some sort of subscription service that will dole out extra goodies to those who are willing to pay the extra money. The full range of additional bonuses isn’t clear but the screenshot taken by the publication suggests that there will be exclusive, wearable patches on offer. The patches appear to be animal themed, including patches for lions, sharks and dinosaurs and “Premium subscribers will find these Patches in Silver and Gold Battlepacks”. While it’s unconfirmed as to whether or not Hardline will feature micro transactions, it should be noted that Battlepacks are available in Battlefield 4 through micro transactions and natural play, so the upcoming Battlefield game could be following in its footsteps. EA is yet to confirm the plans but as Premium is being hinted at in a beta that’s so close to launch, it seems unlikely that EA and Visceral will scrap the plans one month before the full release.
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    BFH: Mechanic Class

    The P90 was my choice.
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    Hardline Thoughts

  12. Phantom_Mayhem

    How To Clip

    How to get your bike off an awning. 1) Laugh a little 2) Assess the situation 3) Laugh at the situation 4) Beat the bike a couple times with a bat.
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    How To Clip

    Yeah, this was without a doubt the funniest part of my night.
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    Battlefield Hardline F.A.Q.

    http://www.battlefield.com/hardline/news/battlefield-hardline-open-beta F.A.Q. about half way down the page.