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  1. Standard Operating Procedures

    On a more serious note (sorry), I have noticed some unwelcome, at least in my book, political and racist/religious comments. Like OPO said, we don't need that. There are other places on the web you can post or chat about that shit, even if may be you shouldn't. I have come close to calling it out (well may be I have a couple of times), but it makes me very uncomfortable. The game is for fun, not to vent on your political or other views. Some of it has been said in what I am sure is thought of a clever little way. I just broke up with my best friend of the last 17 years because he wouldn't get off the politics. We don't need that here. That's my rant and I am sticking to it. As far as salty language, most of us use it, including me, but there are limits.
  2. How did you find out about OSC?

    Just to be clear, it doesn't seem that Air is one of the Stoners. He's too pure for that and clearly doesn't need anything else in his system to be "out there". Good player though in spite of it.
  3. How did you find out about OSC?

    @Matoxic. Vietnam? We must be close to the same generation. If so, good to have another old fart around, especially one that can take names and kick some ass.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures

    I like it!! Looks pretty darn official... Can't find anything to disagree with. This is pretty much how I like to play and how I like to associate with others, not just Crows, although it is even more important within the clan. I totally second the rule about muting your mic if you have to yell at your kids or wife or whatever. That's sometimes goes on and on and on with a couple of players and it makes it hard to communicate with the squad. But really on a couple of Crows.
  5. History of Old Salty Crow

    Great legacy vid Vile! I sure am glad I found the Crows which means I am glad you and the others founded it. Kaw Kaw
  6. How did you find out about OSC?

    I already said why/how I joined the Crows. I could have quit my very first game though as an OSC recruit. It was on Paracel Storm and I got in on the opposite side of our Canadian Eh girl plus a couple of other Crows. I didn't really know what I was doing, and neither did any of the timmies on my side. She who must not be named and the others thought it was hilarious when they spawn camped and insta killed me trying to get away from the carrier. I was pretty bummed. But they said later that I was a good sport so must have got some brownie points for hanging in there without raging (too much).
  7. How did you find out about OSC?

    Drinka says "- Not one crow asked if Argentina was a part of Mexico." LMAO but I am easily amused. Really LMAO with the little video you posted Rat. Even showed my wife.... She didn't appreciate it as much. My story: I had played every battle and FPS game out there from the early days, but never multiplayer. Never thought I would be good enough and I was intimidated by how much of a noob I would be. Then I starte dabbling in multiplayer - what the heck no one knows me personally. So I got a little better and got over the issues I had. Somewhere I saw OSC and applied. Someone, probably Vile, told me I had to have a PS4 and come back later when I did. It was almost a year before that happened and then I started playing BF4 multiplayer but only Quick Match on TDM. Got tired of that and thought I might be good enough to find a clan stoopid enough to let me in and reapplied. Well, OSC was that stoopid, so here I am. Now I am obsessed and plan my days and weeks around BF4. It's bad. But love it here and my new buddies. Thanks for letting me in. Wish more Crows played BF4 but that is probably OK because when we have too many no one will play with us. All the timmies go away.
  8. Piece of shit game... (AngryJoe

    There is a lot of potential in BFH. But unless I figure out a way to stay alive long enough to enjoy it I won't find out. You guys rock that can handle it. My reaction times aren't cutting it.
  9. Official Hardline Gameplay Trailer

    "You're just convinced you're one of the good guys. There's on such thing." Trying to make up my mind on Hardline. But if I don't then there will be fewer crows to play with, at least for a while. Also, not sure how good an idea it is to give cops the idea they can act like that, or for the thugs to think it is good to be like that either. I'm sure some thugs will be playing. Wonder how many cops?
  10. BFH: Battlefield Veterans Free Battlefield Hardline DLC

    The blurb says you will automatically get the DLC, boosts, etc but that you have to access your EA Origin account. I just did that and couldn't find anything on it about this so not sure if that did anything or not. I played the beta and I have BF4 so it says I should automatically have it. I sold all my older versions of BF3, 2, etc. but those were on my PS3. Do I need to access Origin on my PS4 or will all this just happen on auto. Kind of conflicting info. Or may be I'm just being clueless.
  11. Good Hardline Discussion Vid

    I like his point on pre-ordering too. I'm going to wait until it is out. I am leaning towards getting it now but still on the fence.
  12. Hardline Thoughts

    I wouldn't buy the game based on the several times I played the beta. I got bored with it almost immediately. I kinda think that a lot of people who love the cars will get tired of them after awhile. Right now it is funny to watch a car go up and over stuff, and see how crazy people look (think L.A. gangbangers). I might get more excited with more and bigger maps. But going round and round in cars and shooting at people out the window didn't click with me. I second all the comments about sniper rifles, the helicopters, rifle recoil, shotguns, frag grenade damage, kills too fast, etc. That stuff is something that they will be able to fix quickly if they want to. I sorta like earning money and then deciding what uploads to buy. But I'm not sure the way you earn money is balanced, or that I really understood exactly how to boost getting money, and it's silly if all you gotta do is run around in a car in TDM and get loads of cash. Guess how many people will take advantage of that. Should just give you a mastercard and get what you want upfront. There were some good laughs for sure. But I am not sure it will last. After going back and playing BF4, I really prefer the graphics of BF4. HL seems like an arcade game in comparison. Regarding how people bitch about the glitches, bad servers, Japanese, spawning, and all the other annoying problems with BF4, I'm thinking that it's the honeymoon time with HL right now and everyone will be bitching about it after they play it awhile. Might be some slightly different issues but there will be some. Writing code is a really really hard deal. Games have come a long way. Networks have come a long way. But putting together, testing, and debugging this stuff across the global internet will never be error free. We'll find out. And the problems with out-of-region players will still be there unless they fix that somehow and that seems to be the biggest bitch problem. So right now, I am on the negative side of the fence. I might change after hearing how all the ones who buy it love it when it gets released next month. But I'll wait a bit after that. I still like BF4 despite all the warts.
  13. BFH: Everything you want to know

    I agree with what KC And Slurm said. It was really hard to get situational awareness. Hard to tell where the opponents were, even after they killed you sometimes. It doesn't have to be just like BF4 with the orange guy marked so well you know just where to go or tell your mates, but I got killed over and over again and never figured out what, where, or why. Guns were weird, especially the Operator rifle, at least the starting one. Ammo clips were too small - way too small. Jerky play, especially driving vehicles from inside the vehicle. Spawning next to enemies was worse than BF4. I really didn't enjoy Hotwire at all. It was fun at first and then just got boring. I much prefer the BF4 graphics. The end of round award screens were WTF. What's up with the coin thing? OK with buying upgrades - it just allows you to choose your upgrade loadout instead of BF4 giving you worthless things like a ACOG sight for a P226 or an MTAR. But it was amazing how quickly some players leveled up and then they had firepower you couldn't hope to match. Needs some buffing/balance. The recoil on the Operator rifle was so bad it was like holding a target and saying please kill me. I got some good kills with it the more I played but it needs some work. I'll play some more but right now I'm not too worried that all my BF4 buddies will be switching over so there's no one to squad up with. May change my mind though. I'll play some more and see if may be I just need to get used to it or if it is something fundamental that I just don't want to deal with. I really didn't see how the PTO gave me more cash so I'll gave to clue in on that. Coordinated quads could definitely help, but not so much with the cars (or may be I just haven't figured that part out). I have to admit it takes me longer to clue in so just my opinion. I agree with Vato on some of the positives though, especially shooting down choppers with small arms fire. The car action seemed kind of contrived though. A blend of GTA and BF4? Maps too small. Snipers still a big problem. We had some good chuckles with it last night though, but some of the chuckles were about stupid stuff the game did. Vato and Soi have some good points though. I need to clue in as to understanding how the PTO resulted in more cash. Just need to pay specific attention to that. Killing choppers with small arms fire is a definitely winner.
  14. BFH Downtown Hotwire gameplay

    Good shooting Vile. Loved your pink revolver in that one section.