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  1. Jack Frag goes back to bf4

    Yeah, I have been having a good time going back. I wish they would remaster and update BF3 and bring that back!
  2. Clan server

    Don't get me wrong your idea is interesting but it will take some coordination on and off the site since there are crows that don't frequent the site much. If and when this event goes down, I can make an announcement and place a marker on the calendar. I would suggest a thread in the BF1 area since the bulk of those interested will not see posts in this club.
  3. Clan server

    If someone wants to purchase a BF1 server, I think that is a waste as well. BF1 servers just simply don't have the features that make having a proprietary server a plus in the first place; it is a waste of money in my opinion. Additionally, I can't play BF1 with the clan so BF1 is out for me.
  4. Clan server

    Crows, I am thinking of purchasing a server for BF4 but I am concerned with participation. Please vote if you are up for our own server.
  5. BF4 Nostalgia Night

    Very good turnout tonight! We had two squads of crows with a few good, close comebacks wins!
  6. BF4 Nostalgia Night

    Relive the glory days of OSC! Come out and crow-slap timmy on the title that started it all!
  7. BF4 Clan Night

    Sounds good. I jumped on the other night with Drink and Rat. It was like playing a new game again but I am willing to give it another go.
  8. Official 7Days to Die Wiki!
  9. Base Tutorial

    Here is a good start for those struggling on a proper base.