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  1. History of Old Salty Crow

    I like the updated video Vile!
  2. Jack Frag goes back to bf4

    As much as I love BF4, I still feel BF3 is the better game. If they would have left out all the auto lockon BS in BF4, this game would be perfect! Even with the frustration from the lockon BS, BF4 is still the most fun I've ever had playing MP.
  3. Discord Server

    Leaving this here for anyone that doesn't already have the Discord server link: https://discord.gg/E9gJuWz You can access Discord multiple ways. It works in any web browser. There is a desktop application for all platforms (Windows, OSX and Linux) and there is also mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  4. KC Twitch

    Going live! https://www.twitch.tv/kcr3dn3ck
  5. Confused Crow : ( Hardline/Rainbow 6 Siege FML

    I'll run hardline anytime. I just usually go where the majority are, so normally BF4. I will pick up premium for hardline once they drop the dang price. The free maps they gave us are pretty cool, especially that night woods map. I am waiting to see on R6 Siege as well. The open beta didn't give me any warm fuzzies
  6. How did you find out about OSC?

    Lucky pretty much summed up my story on how I joined OSC. We both joined the previous Xbox clan around the same time and started off playing COD. BF3 was the first game I had ever pre-ordered and actually went to a midnight release (BestBuy). BF3 hooked me. Especially playing with Vile, Lucky and Soi. Those "Vile'isms" would crack my shit up every time we played. When the new consoles were announced, a line was drawn in the sand and we decided that PS4 was the better choice for us. The group of people we have assembled is second to none. And I am very honored to be a part of OSC and have the opportunity to play with you all.
  7. How did you find out about OSC?

    I remember that all to well Lumper! The reason you got the bag was cause you kept killing me...over and over and over. I was grateful when I saw you sign up [emoji3]
  8. Piece of shit game... (AngryJoe

    I have fun playing both. I like the simplicity of BFH. It is mostly just gun on gun. No Airburst spam, limited nade spam, no UCAVs or AC130's. I'm not saying it is a perfect game by any means, but I think it is pretty fun. I do wish they would balance out the guns a little better and improve the spawn logic. I still like BF4 and hope the next patch further improves the netcode. If they could merge some feature from BFH to BF4 and vice versa, we would have one heck of a game.
  9. Hardline Class setup

    Also, each faction has multiple "types". I ran into the same thing yesterday. I think there are 2 types of cops and 2 types of robbers per class. It does make it kind of confusing
  10. Hardline

    Here's my impressions: Some of the maps are way too small for 64 players. Ticket bleed on conquest is too fast. Average game is about 10 min. So there isn't much time to gain map control. Hotwire is the way to make money fast and unlock any guns/gadgets you want. Heist is intense, but lower scoring. The machine gun on the transport chopper kicks like a mule and is too sensitive. Gameplay and overall feel is very smooth! I didn't experience any lag at all today. Learning the flow of maps on conquest will be key.
  11. BFH: Changes Made From The Beta

    Sounds promising.
  12. [UPDATED] Premium for Hardline

  13. [UPDATED] Premium for Hardline

    I'll probably pick up the game. Not sure I like the direction they are taking the DLC and Deluxe edition. I had a lot of fun playing the beta. I will probably wait and see on Premium, although it does sound like a lot of content if they are including SP missions as well as MP maps. Just not a fan of the features they are locking behind a paywall.
  14. BFH: Battlefield Veterans Free Battlefield Hardline DLC

    You just have to use the same Origin (Battlelog) account as you did on the previous games. If you create a new one like xX420Blazin_Suck_ItXx, then you won't get the DLC.