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  1. Airunh23


    We should probably start a BFV Thread, Section, whatever it's called.
  2. Airunh23


    I'm very excited, but I'm always very excited for new battlefield games!
  3. Airunh23

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Again I agree with all this. I'm all for bitching and being salty, but I try to stay away from politics, "N" words, etc. If any of those slip from my mouth please send me a PM to remind me!
  4. Airunh23

    How did you find out about OSC?

    We haven't got to play much together yet, but I hope we do soon.
  5. Airunh23

    How did you find out about OSC?

    We may or may not have some Stoners! But the other facts are true ; )
  6. Airunh23

    Standard Operating Procedures

    2nd that Rockus! Agree with everything on there accept the eating on the mic bit . . . jk I've been getting better a muting myself KA, KA!
  7. Watch my Back! awarded.

  8. Airunh23

    Confused Crow : ( Hardline/Rainbow 6 Siege FML

    I kept it Lucky. Need a Hardline Night!
  9. Airunh23

    Confused Crow : ( Hardline/Rainbow 6 Siege FML

    Well I'm def not doing it for 4 bucks lol. GS can Get Bent!!!!
  10. So I'm at a crossroads on what I want to do regarding Battlefield Hardline. The thing is I would like to get Rainbow 6 Siege so I'm considering trading in Hardline to help me do so. The problem is I enjoy Hardline a lot but haven't played it in over a month because of lack of Crows playing Hardline and my dedication to BF4. I also have Star Wars Battlefront, which I enjoy and want to put time into. The biggest issue I'm having with trading in Hardline is that I bought Premium and I would be wasting money that way, plus I do like Hardline, yet never play it. What are my fellow Crows thoughts? Is the sense that a decent amount of Crows will be playing R6S for awhile or will I be disappointed in my decision to trade in Hardline resulting in the same situation with Rainbow 6 i.e. No crows playing it in a few months. The pro's to Siege is that's a different type of shooter then Hardline and BF4 which are very similar and then adding in Battlefront, which is different enough to super ate it from BF4/Hardline. I do know that I don't want to wait and see on R6S and then get so far behind everyone else cause I hate that. Ughhhh
  11. Airunh23

    How did you find out about OSC?

    Well I guess I'll try to write my story now. Way back near the beginning of time I used to play BF4 with Sgt. Mathews who was teaching me how to not be totally inept at FPS games as well as the great art of Tea-Bagging. So Sgt and I had been playing together for a few weeks and then he magically disappeared and started ignoring my requests to join him in BF4 games when eventually with my well known persistence he messaged me back saying "I joined a clan called Old Salty Crows so you should join as well. Needless to say I was nervous as hell and felt intimidated cause I've never joined a Clan before nor thought of doing so based on my shitty FPS capabilities. I checked out the site and saw that KDR didn't matter and that all I needed to do was be over 25 and PTFO. So I said fuck it I'll give it a try. So for 2 very long weeks of recruitment I played with Vile, Soi, Lucky, Cyan, and Sgt. Mathews every night for every second I could spare, while checking to see if I got accepted 50,000 times a day cause I'm really a giant adhd child when eventually I got the call up to the big leagues. Being a Crow is one of the best things that could have happened to me and honestly everyone says that they consider all of you friends, which I believe, but I know for me you guys are more then just friends but guys that I feel I can talk to about anything and be my dumb ass self and still get to come back the next night. It's crazy that when I joined we maybe had like 30ish Crows and have grown to well over 100 I believe. And yes I've T-bagged most of you when you were recruits!!!! KA, Ka!!!!!! Yes KC the reason we Bagged Lumper over and over was cause he was killing the shit out of us KA, KA!!!
  12. Airunh23

    Syndicate Assignments-Hardline

    Thanks guys, ill be on tonight
  13. Airunh23

    Piece of shit game... (AngryJoe

    Im thoroughly enjoy hardline and we got a good group of Crows that play every night. Just to be on the positive side
  14. Airunh23

    BFH Academy

    Thanks Vile