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  1. I'll play Hardline anytime too except clan night; revolver ss83, topspeed and RP54 play all the time as well. Recently I've been playing BF4 until later in the evening, then jump in to BFH until my old eyes burn. Bad, if you don't do Premium, get the Robbery DLC, it seems to be the most popular. I really like the Criminal Activity maps, but it seems nobody plays them anymore. Not getting RB6; I suck even more at 3rd person.
  2. So I was wondering; what games does Angry Joe LIKE????
  3. I drank the kool-aid and went all in, premium. I was on the fence until I watched one of the teasers that ended with spotting a pink box, and hearing "spotted, delicious donuts!" I've played it about four evenings in a row. It is fun. I like the feel of the weapons, the sound is very good and I think it looks good. I die real quick, but if I get kill (rarely), that's pretty quick too. It feels like BF4 (and BF3) are meant for the COD run and gunners, and this feels even more so. If I stop and look around for second or two, I'm either getting sniped or beaten to death. (I am a BC andBC2 fanboy, and I'm not ashamed to admit it). So I'll probably play it a while longer, but BF4 is calling me back.
  4. Interesting point about pre-ordering.