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      Crows, the clubs feature is now active on the site. Clubs is a way to build groups within OSC for other titles, platforms and interest. If you want to start a club contact a staff member to get started.


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  1. How did you find out about OSC?

    I think he meant Battlefield Vietnam, his profile say he was born in '88
  2. How did you find out about OSC?

    YOu are right!!!!! We are friends!!! My bad! It looks I messed up the day I sent it and did not add the "1" at the end. Well, I will not delete that request so it serves as a reminder of the day I applied
  3. How did you find out about OSC?

    Let me know if it's any good!! Doubt I can find it down here in Argentina Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. How did you find out about OSC?

    http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/alameda-stubs-old-crow-hazelnut-porter/189818/ http://res.cloudinary.com/ratebeer/image/upload/w_250' date='c_limit,q_85,d_beer_def.gif/beer_189818.jpg[/img']
  5. How did you find out about OSC?

    Jumped in on BF4 for what I thought was going to be my last round ever, as I was getting ready to quit the game for good. Joined through Quick Match and by luck of the draw I ended up on the OSC server. Saw the banner and thought... well... let's give that a try. - My first game was with LtColFury. :heart: - Then Air and Tex tea bagged me. :@ - And I had to ask what tea baggin' was. - Not one crow asked if Argentina was a part of Mexico. ✔ I applied on July 14, 2014. I know this because I still have a pending friend request I sent to WickedWestie! I sent over 50 the day I applied.
  6. Piece of shit game... (AngryJoe

    I played the beta for about 5 hours and that was enough for me to not want to buy the game. I had fun playing the beta yes, but I also felt like most of the "innovations" in hardline were gonna get old really quick.
  7. Setting Clan Emblem and Tag

    Thank you sir!!