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    I like the fact that they are going back to the way BF3/BF4 gunplay was, but until I see some actual gameplay and play it for myself, I will withhold my excitement. IMO, BF3 had the correct combination of infantry and vehicles. BF4 improved on that formula, but also took a big step back with the auto lock-on weapons for both infantry and vehicles. I just could not get into BF1. My concern is that if they change up the gameplay too much, will it still feel like Battlefield? The trailer was a train wreck. The BF1 trailer had me so pumped that I pre-ordered that day. I REALLY like the fact that they are not splitting the player base with Premium for this game. Hopefully they have better server management as well. My short, drunk rant is done. I really think this game has a lot of potential, just wish they would have showed more of that in the trailer.
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    I've only played Incursions once and haven't really looked into it much but once I do it would nice to get 4 more Crows together and squad up for some 5 v 5. I think you can also create your own match, if I am correct and we can get Crows together on the same server for some matches I'll set something up for some balanced teams Crow on Crow trash talking matches. And I concur Prarie, fucking NooBs
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    The new mechanics look awesome (healing, reviving, fortifications, etc.), but I'm afraid there are too many players that like the run and gun play style. I'm hoping the squad based design holds.
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    After reading this I'm really excited for Bf V. https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/battlefield-5-deep-dive-gameplay-changes-and-additions
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    Very cool take on Battlefield V and why it's taking the series back to the beginning ....
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfzmCI9-aKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suoy7Sl7RUg
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    Can't wait to run armour in this new game. It looks to be a lot more challenging.
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    The interview Jack Frags did with Daniel Berlin in great... It's long though (24 mins). Most of you guys have probably seen it... Posting just in case you haven't.
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    You're new to the gaming world? /sarcasm
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    I'm very excited, but I'm always very excited for new battlefield games!
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    What I meant was the gun mechanics/bullet spread is more like BF3 and BF4 in the fact that your bullets are more predictable than they are in BF1. It sounds like they are trying to make this game capable for competitive play. Hopefully this also means no more suppression mechanic, or if it is in the game, make it more of a visual hindrance and not make your bullets go everywhere. I hope they release some actual gameplay soon.
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    Def agree about dragging the wounded. Sounds like this game is going to be much less run and gun. No more auto-replenish health. Deliberate actions required to regain health/ammo. Building fortifications, moving field guns and AA = more tactics. Minimal HUD with far weaker spot mechanic will help with immersion -- like hardcore. Glad to hear they're getting rid of random bullet variation. 4-man squads means we'll be able to have two full squads in chats! The added emphasis on teamwork incl. the new squad incentives is exciting. Really interested to see how these things play out in game. Having a hard time imagining how they're going to work in all the new animations without interfering with movement too much. Looking forward to seeing multiplayer game play at E3.
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    Always wanted to be able to drag a wounded dude out of harm's way to heal them. Feels less Call of Duty-ish. The co-op sounds like Frontier Defense in Titan Fall 2. Cool! Promising!
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    Jack has a good video with a lot of information too.
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    Any racist crap here is met with immediate dismissal without debate, even in a joking manner. If a Crow has racist opinions, they can keep it to themselves and if they want to voice them, they can start their own site. If anyone hears any of that nonsense, I want to know right away. As for politics, again keep that to yourself while playing with the clan. If a crow feels compelled to talk politics, take that crap down to the local pub and start shit there. There are plenty of sites dedicated to politics where people can go and argue to their hearts content. As for religion, it is in the same boat as politics and there is church available for those discussions. As previously stated, all this is in the SOP.