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    Think I might revive an old thread 👍... I'm only a Recruit at this moment, and my story is rather short on how I found the OSC, but I'll elaborate a bit on my background leading up to this... But I came across you guys by chance... I watched a video of some Easter egg in Battlefield 1 hinting there might be zombies (you could hear a zombie moan and groan from behind a door in one of the maps)... Anyway, I was on the official forums, and sifting through a few threads before I got my head down... I came across one where a guy was asking to join a squad/platoon... One of your members suggested OSC (quite unsure what his name was) 👍... but he basically explained what you guys was about and it was exactly what I was looking for, even though I wasn't looking for it at the time ... I'm basically a Battlefield veteran, nearly all of them right from the beginning of the franchise only missing out on the Bad Company series and the futuristic ones 2142 etc... I've smashed Battlefield 3 and also Battlefield 4 (BF4 not so much, think I did 150 or so hours) as I've never really found it easy to join squads or communities while playing on console and it does take a bit of fun away from a game being a lone wolf, in such a team orientated game, being a lone wolf is fun, but only for so long... (PC was so much easier, apply for squad, join teamspeak, connect to the server, play with squad... kick ass 🤓) With that being said, I got burnt out quickly and gave it a break for a few other games, also tried Battlefield Hardline (which I wasn't all to impressed with, only thing I enjoyed was driving the Police car with "The sound of the Police, whoop whoop" blasting from the stereo 😆😂 I thought that was comical and reminded me so much of Vietnam, I returned to Battlefield 4 not long before the release of Battlefield 1 as I knew I would be buying it so I could get back into the feel of things... And then came the release... well in terms of Battlefield... THIS WAS IT!!! None of the games have quite given you the feeling of being amongst a Battlefield like this one... I remember first playing it and thinking "oh shiiiiiittttt" 😂 this is intense 🔥!!! I completed the story, and focused my energy on platinum medal, which unfortunately burnt me out, as once I achieved it, I also put the game down for awhile... I've been hopping back on two each time there has been an update, but I the other week I picked it back up again... I've since become hooked to the support class (as I mained medic previously), and so came me coming across that one thread that lead me to you guys!!! And after playing with you guys tonight, I've found a whole new level of gameplay right here!!! I joined up with a few of you already and had an amazing time... I'm not much of a talker on the mic, so I apologise for this... but I try my best to call out any potential targets, objectives, or guys sneaking up behind you etc... And I hope this is the start of my journey playing along side and getting to know many of you guys... I've only met a few of you so far, but already had some of my best games in just the 1 night, so now I'm looking forward to tomorrow night and the rest 👍, this is exactly what I needed!
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    Well I guess I'll try to write my story now. Way back near the beginning of time I used to play BF4 with Sgt. Mathews who was teaching me how to not be totally inept at FPS games as well as the great art of Tea-Bagging. So Sgt and I had been playing together for a few weeks and then he magically disappeared and started ignoring my requests to join him in BF4 games when eventually with my well known persistence he messaged me back saying "I joined a clan called Old Salty Crows so you should join as well. Needless to say I was nervous as hell and felt intimidated cause I've never joined a Clan before nor thought of doing so based on my shitty FPS capabilities. I checked out the site and saw that KDR didn't matter and that all I needed to do was be over 25 and PTFO. So I said fuck it I'll give it a try. So for 2 very long weeks of recruitment I played with Vile, Soi, Lucky, Cyan, and Sgt. Mathews every night for every second I could spare, while checking to see if I got accepted 50,000 times a day cause I'm really a giant adhd child when eventually I got the call up to the big leagues. Being a Crow is one of the best things that could have happened to me and honestly everyone says that they consider all of you friends, which I believe, but I know for me you guys are more then just friends but guys that I feel I can talk to about anything and be my dumb ass self and still get to come back the next night. It's crazy that when I joined we maybe had like 30ish Crows and have grown to well over 100 I believe. And yes I've T-bagged most of you when you were recruits!!!! KA, Ka!!!!!! Yes KC the reason we Bagged Lumper over and over was cause he was killing the shit out of us KA, KA!!!