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    I have been creating custom races for years in the GTAV Creator mode. I have made some high quality races through the years which have become popular with my GTA friends. Recently, I have made about 11 or 12 Formular 1 tracks to scale with every twist and turn, and even elevation changes, gantries, and tunnels such as in Monaco GP. They offer smooth professional races for super cars. Although contact is on, deliberate contact and hitting is not allowed and results in being kicked from the playlist. The current GTA Group are all mature enough not to let that happen anyway. Currently I have 6 confirmed non-Crows racing in this event; but I am extending the invitation to any Crows that want to have a fun night of no bullshit racing. Here are just some of the tracks featured:- Monza - Italy Montreal - Canada Catalunya - Spain Suzuka - Japan Interlagos - Brazil
  4. BF4 Clan Night

    Shame I missed it! I'm glad that people are back playing it again. These "Clubs" were a good idea!
  5. BF4 Clan Night

    We had some great game friday night. Gave Timmy a boot enema.
  6. Clan server

    You can create an Event in PSN. That is how I handled the last Clan match. It worked pretty well.
  7. BF4 Clan Night

    It's likely that I will have to work this Friday, but I'm sure you guys will have no problem keeping the BF4 Friday going strong! Hopefully I can catch up with some of you some other night this week instead.
  8. Clan server

    Having said all this (about getting a BF4 server), BF4 seems to have taken off again. I'm seeing people play almost every night now. And your vote seems to be going well! As for Old Crows VS New Crows, I'm wondering if the best way to get this going is to pick a Saturday Clan Night ahead of time, say near the end of November for a large amount of notice; build the advertisement/post for it on the site (like you said in the BF1 section); and set up a poll as to if you will be there or not (we will play on the said date anyway, but it's just a way to see who's showing up). Once this is all built on the OSC sight, make a temporary PSN Group message, add all Crows, and mention it telling all Crows to check the OSC website for details. Basically, this way everyone gets notified via PSN to check the OSC website for an upcoming event. With a month's notice most will have seen it and been able to plan for it.
  9. Jack Frag goes back to bf4

    A patch improving textures and adding the ability to change FOV and this game would be better than BF1. Oh, and while we're at it.... since going back to BF4, I don't remember dying to grenades once. I'm sure I have, but not enough times to make me think about it.
  10. Jack Frag goes back to bf4

    As much as I love BF4, I still feel BF3 is the better game. If they would have left out all the auto lockon BS in BF4, this game would be perfect! Even with the frustration from the lockon BS, BF4 is still the most fun I've ever had playing MP.
  11. Jack Frag goes back to bf4

    Yeah, I have been having a good time going back. I wish they would remaster and update BF3 and bring that back!
  12. Hell even jack misses the old days.
  13. Clan server

    Don't get me wrong your idea is interesting but it will take some coordination on and off the site since there are crows that don't frequent the site much. If and when this event goes down, I can make an announcement and place a marker on the calendar. I would suggest a thread in the BF1 area since the bulk of those interested will not see posts in this club.
  14. Clan server

    Fair comment. I think some other Crows might be looking into a BF1 server. I'm not against a BF4 server; would just hate to see it not get the use it deserved.
  15. Clan server

    If someone wants to purchase a BF1 server, I think that is a waste as well. BF1 servers just simply don't have the features that make having a proprietary server a plus in the first place; it is a waste of money in my opinion. Additionally, I can't play BF1 with the clan so BF1 is out for me.
  16. Star Wars Battlefront Beta

    Dice made some huge improvements to the Elite class mechanics. I wish this is how it was set up in Battlefield
  17. Discord Server

    Leaving this here for anyone that doesn't already have the Discord server link: https://discord.gg/E9gJuWz You can access Discord multiple ways. It works in any web browser. There is a desktop application for all platforms (Windows, OSX and Linux) and there is also mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  18. Clan server

    I agree with Rat. As awesome as that would be, I'd hate to see it not get the expected use, and us not use it if it is not populated and simply move to other servers that are. A Crows BF1 server might do better. In fact, I have an interesting idea for a BF1 server... Old Crows VS New Crows. One Saturday Clan Night, have a private server, and set-up the old BF4 Crows on one side, and the new Crows that joined during BF1, and have some Crow-on-Crow rivalry!!!
  19. The Beta is limited but a ton of fun so far. The graphics and map designs are very impressive. Gameplay feels a lot like BF1 but with the option for 3rd person over the shoulder view, which I love. Feels a lot like Socom and Battlefield blended together. Also, l love that they added classes and customization options to the game. I am very excited for the full rollout of the game.
  20. Clan server

    While it would be nice I dought it would get enough use vile to warrant the cost. The clan seems to be pretty spread out between Bf1 Bf4 Destiny and other games, but ultimately it's your call. Don't get me wrong our own server would be greatly appreciated but as many empty servers as i currently see on bf4 i am not sure if you could get it to populate enough to start a game.
  21. KC Twitch

    Going live! https://www.twitch.tv/kcr3dn3ck
  22. Clan server

    Crows, I am thinking of purchasing a server for BF4 but I am concerned with participation. Please vote if you are up for our own server.
  23. BF4 Nostalgia Night

    Very good turnout tonight! We had two squads of crows with a few good, close comebacks wins!
  24. BF4 Nostalgia Night

    Relive the glory days of OSC! Come out and crow-slap timmy on the title that started it all!
  25. Pool, you've done an amazing job with this clan site!!! Truly impressed and appreciate the extra work you've put into it. Thank you. 

    1. PoolShark-FOG


      Hi DH. I can only take credit for the Stats Page, but thanks for the feedback!

  26. BF4 Clan Night

    So i played last night still inlove...esp with this new tv...i will be on tonight around 9pm EST if anyone wants to squad up
  27. BF4 Clan Night

    I played some TDM on it the other night and found it hard to keep a positive K:D. But I've had that before. It comes back with practice.
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