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      A Gentle reminder to all members: If you've had the pleasure (or suffered the agony) of playing with one of our recruits, PLEASE share your feedback and VOTE using the Yea/Nay buttons at the top of the Poll/Thread.

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  2. Do you guys ever play rush or operations? I actually kind of hate Conquest, it doesn't feel like I'm doing anything or making any progress even if I'm in the top 3 score slots.

    A medium/small sized coordinated group playing Rush in a scrim vs other groups sounds like a ton of fun, I really miss chat channels and clans like Warcraft 3 had.

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  4. Good morning... I saw your post on battlefield tracker and am interested in joining up with some people my own age with my own awful reflexes :-)

  5. thank you. who do i play with?

  6. 2nd that Rockus! Agree with everything on there accept the eating on the mic bit . . . jk I've been getting better a muting myself KA, KA!
  7. I like it!! Looks pretty darn official... Can't find anything to disagree with. This is pretty much how I like to play and how I like to associate with others, not just Crows, although it is even more important within the clan. I totally second the rule about muting your mic if you have to yell at your kids or wife or whatever. That's sometimes goes on and on and on with a couple of players and it makes it hard to communicate with the squad. But really on a couple of Crows.
  8. Subj: Standard Operating Procedures of Old Salty Crow 1. This document outlines the guidelines and protocol for the members and recruits of Old Salty Crow while representing the clan in a game environment and associated web-based media. 2. Background. Old Salty Crow (OSC) is an adult gaming community for gamers 25 years and older and is based around the Battlefield series on the PlayStation platform. We are a relaxed group that values fun over competition and teamwork over skill. Old Salty Crow was originally formed by Vile Revolver, Soi SixShooter and Dr. Pepperbox in 2010 on Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360 platform. Since, Old Salty Crow has played Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 Platform, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 on the PlayStation 4. We are currently recruiting for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. See our History for details. 3. Basic Guidelines All members must be 25 years old or older. Old Salty Crow is a Battlefield Clan and we play on PlayStation 4, we do not recruit for other platforms or games. All members of the clan must be registered on the oldsaltycrows.com site. All forum users must use their PSN Name as their forum name. All members are to comply with the rules set forth in this document. Members that fail to comply with the SOP will be permanently banned from the clan and from oldsaltycrows.com. Membership in Old Salty Crow is a privilege, and we want to keep our reputation positive within the gaming community. Clan members will not converse in public games or lobbies with racist, sexist, or any other degrading slurs. Offenders will be banned from OSC. While some of our members are very accomplished gamers, others are "hobby" gamers. Skill is NOT, nor will it EVER be a requirement for membership in Old Salty Crow. Members are encouraged to create their own user-groups and tactical squads if competitive play is desired and represent OSC within the guidelines of this document. Participation in clan tournaments and mixers is encouraged. Members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. Members are expected to treat everyone with respect. Old Salty Crow will not tolerate “flaming” or personal attacks in the forums, social media associated with OSC or in game. If you have an issue with a fellow member of OSC, you are encouraged to PM the clan leaders who can assist with mediation. If you have an issue on the site or within the forums please PM a site moderator who can assist you. We're here to have fun! We aren't the most politically correct of clans, we love to give each other a hard time and joke around, but there is always a line that can be crossed. Understand that different individuals have different ideas of where this line is. Let’s keep posts and in-game behavior in the spirit of the clan - FUN!!! You are expected to contribute to the clan. What you get out of Old Salty Crow is a direct result of what you put into it. We expect you to be active in the forums, contribute to discussions, and game with your clan. If you do not contribute and are not participating you will be put in an AWOL status and we will follow up on an individual basis to ensure that you are still interested in being a part of Old Salty Crow. Leave of Absence. This clan was founded by members of the military, so it's expected at times that some people may have to deploy or be gone for extended periods of time. You will never be kicked from Old Salty Crow because of deployments, family related issues or other situations that require your temporary leave from gaming, please post in the "Leave of Absence thread" since long absences will out posting can be viewed as disinterest. 4. Etiquette and consideration a. OSC members take priority in chats and squads. Squad leaders and owners of chat parties will accommodate OSC members over non-members. Squads and chats will be split to accommodate OSC members in game. No Crow left behind! b. We operate on Pub-rules in OSC, so please keep religion and politics out of Old Salty Crow; some things are best left unsaid. c. Playing the objective is our foundation; so favoring your stats over squad objectives is not what OSC is about and if you find yourself doing this Old Salty Crow is not for you. d. Be aware that everything that comes through your microphone is heard by the party chat, please mute your microphone when you need to take care of non-gaming business if you need to gulp, burp, eat, and shout or converse with the family unit, fart or snore, yes that happened! If you find that you are causing the disruption or the chat members are giving hints that there is unwanted noise it is up to you to mute yourself. e. OSC forums and associated social media are for gaming and not the place to advertise your business or personal agenda that does not fall within the interest of OSC. required to post in the Leave of Absence Notification thread so that everyone knows you will be taking a temporary break from gaming. Otherwise absence will be view as noninterest. 5. Recruiting a. OSC uses a voting system to induct new members. A recruit needs five positive votes to be accepted as a member, each negative vote raises the required votes by five. b. Family members and friends of OSC members do not get special consideration; they will have to meet the same requirements as every other recruit. c. Recruits are expected to follow the basic guidelines for consideration in OSC. This process is heavily scrutinized, so please follow the instructions. They are very basic. d. OSC members are expected to use the voting poll when casting their vote, comments in the thread doesn’t count. e. Once a recruit is accepted as a full member than he or she can vote on new members right away, there is no dwell time. 6. Social media a. Old Salty Crow uses social media to promote the clan; social media that represents Old Salty Crow is essentially an extension of the clan and the parent website and falls under the same rules of conduct outlined in this document. Please visit and support our facebook, youtube, twitter and google+ pages. 7. Structure a. OSC’s structure is made up of Staff, Moderators, Members and Recruits. b. Staff and moderators manage and maintain the website and are tasked with mitigation of clan rules and procedures. These positions makeup the “Staff” portion of OSC. c. Staff and moderators are chosen by vote amongst the staff and candidates are chosen by activity and dedication to OSC. These positions are voluntary and are populated from need as the clan grows. d. Members listed in an “AWOL” status have been absent from Battlefield and the Old Salty Crow website in excess of six months. 8. Website a. The official website of Old Salty Crow is www.oldsaltycrows.com and all images, emblems, signatures and graphics made for the site are the property of OSC and are not to be used outside of clan interest without the consent of the staff. b. The following image is our official platoon emblem: c. The official colors of OSC are white, black and red and our official mascot is Corvus the crow: d. The award system of OSC is voluntary and for fun. The awards are tied to website and Battlefield activity and achievements. They are managed and awarded by the staff. Members can appeal for an award that they have earned by posting in the award thread. 9. All members are expected to be familiar with all the content in this document and adhere to the most important part of being an Old Salty Crow, have FUN!!!
  9. Great legacy vid Vile! I sure am glad I found the Crows which means I am glad you and the others founded it. Kaw Kaw
  10. Chuck Norris, BFV and Watch My Back! awarded.

  11. Awarded BFV and OSC 3 yrs.

  12. Watch my Back! awarded.

  13. Watch my Back! awarded.

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  15. YOu are right!!!!! We are friends!!! My bad! It looks I messed up the day I sent it and did not add the "1" at the end. Well, I will not delete that request so it serves as a reminder of the day I applied
  16. I already said why/how I joined the Crows. I could have quit my very first game though as an OSC recruit. It was on Paracel Storm and I got in on the opposite side of our Canadian Eh girl plus a couple of other Crows. I didn't really know what I was doing, and neither did any of the timmies on my side. She who must not be named and the others thought it was hilarious when they spawn camped and insta killed me trying to get away from the carrier. I was pretty bummed. But they said later that I was a good sport so must have got some brownie points for hanging in there without raging (too much).
  17. I had a PS4 pre ordered at best buy, with Killzone, and COD ghosts. The order mysteriously got cancelled, when I went to get it. The only system I could find was a BF4 bundle on Amazon, that I had to get right then. I got it, Killzone was OK, Ghosts was horrible, so I started to play BF4 that came with the bundle. Ended up liking it, and realized that a group would be better to play with. I used to be with a group on the 360, and decided to look for a similar mature group to play with. Found a post on PSN forums and had a small exchange with a member, and applied. the rest is history. Never regretted it, bought a shirt, help out when I can, and wouldn't dream of leaving.
  18. This is actually a question that I think should be added for new recruits to answer, because it might help us to learn how we grow as a clan. But the real point of this thread is that I think everyone has a story about how they found the Crows and why they chose this clan, in particular, to join. This could be interesting, or not; I guess we'll find out. Go...
  19. *** ALL NEW RECRUITS PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE *** 1. First of all, thank you for your interest in our clan! 2. Once you apply to the Old Salty Crow website you will receive an email from ADMIN to the email that you provided when you signed up on the site. Once you receive the email IT IS IMPORTANT to follow the instructions in this email to complete the sign up process. 3. After the sign up process is complete you will have limited access to the site, your focus should be on the new recruit section, please read the recruit guide thread it will give you the basic rules and answer the majority of your initial questions and become familiar with our history. 4. Next, make a post in the "New Recruits" forum stating your PSN handle (which needs to be the same as your forum name). You will need to include a little bit about yourself and why you want to join OSC. Please post your age, we have an age target of 25 years and there is good reasoning behind this requirement and we will VERY RARELY deviate from this, nothing personal. At this time you may change your clan tag to OSCR (see below images), on battlelog, which we highly recommend that you do. To add OSCR to your clan tag, go to your battlelog profile and click "edit profile". Then click "soldiers" Type in "OSCR" in the clan tag block. 5. If you don't have a battlelog account yet; it is highly encouraged. OSC members use this service to squad up and join on each other. If you haven't signed up for battleog yet; it is encouraged to use your PSN name on your battlelog account for ease of identification. Check below image for the battlelog home page. 6. Check out the OSC Members list and add OSC members on PSN and Battlelog to make it easier to find us, our party chats, and enable yourself to jump in on our games. When sending out PSN friend invites please put OSC recruit in the message so we know who you are. Do not post to have your name added to the members list UNTIL you are a full member of OSC. See below on how to join in on another player via battlelog. 7. The best way to become a member fast it to simply play with us and not to be shy in party chats. Membership in OSC is achieved by obtaining a predetermined amount of votes so members getting to know you is paramount in this process. Once voting has been completed we will make a post in your introduction thread letting you know your status. This can take a few weeks, just depends on how often you play with us. 8. Once accepted as a full member go to battlelog search Old Salty Crow in platoons and apply to the OSC Battlelog Platoon which will give you the OSC Clan tag and emblem. See below instructions on how to apply to the OSC battlelog platoon. Go to platoons in your profile and search for Old Salty Crow. Once on the OSC platoon page select Recruitment to apply and once an ADMIN has accepted your request, you will automatically receive the [OSC] tag and emblem. 9. Now all of that is out of the way you can start to PTFO as a crow!
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