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      A Gentle Reminder...   02/08/2017

      A Gentle reminder to all members: If you've had the pleasure (or suffered the agony) of playing with one of our recruits, PLEASE share your feedback and VOTE using the Yea/Nay buttons at the top of the Poll/Thread.

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  3. Do you guys ever play rush or operations? I actually kind of hate Conquest, it doesn't feel like I'm doing anything or making any progress even if I'm in the top 3 score slots.

    A medium/small sized coordinated group playing Rush in a scrim vs other groups sounds like a ton of fun, I really miss chat channels and clans like Warcraft 3 had.

  4. Good morning... I saw your post on battlefield tracker and am interested in joining up with some people my own age with my own awful reflexes :-)

  5. thank you. who do i play with?

  6. Chuck Norris, BFV and Watch My Back! awarded.

  7. Awarded BFV and OSC 3 yrs.

  8. Watch my Back! awarded.

  9. Watch my Back! awarded.

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