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      Clubs!   09/03/2017

      Crows, the clubs feature is now active on the site. Clubs is a way to build groups within OSC for other titles, platforms and interest. If you want to start a club contact a staff member to get started.

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  3. Xur is back

    Agent of the Nine, Xûr Description: Xûr comes and goes freely, his strange curios too valuable to risk. Location: Nessus, Watchers Grave Exotic Gear: Name Type Power Cost Merciless Fusion Rifle 265 (+5 Mod) 29 Shards Raiden Flux Hunter Chest Armor 265 (+5 Mod) 23 Shards Doom Fang Pauldron Titan Gauntlets 265 (+5 Mod) 23 Shards Wings of Scared Dawn Warlock Chest Armor 265 (+5 Mod) 23 Shards
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  5. Official 7Days to Die Wiki!
  6. Base Tutorial

    Here is a good start for those struggling on a proper base.
  7. Standard Operating Procedures

    Any racist crap here is met with immediate dismissal without debate, even in a joking manner. If a Crow has racist opinions, they can keep it to themselves and if they want to voice them, they can start their own site. If anyone hears any of that nonsense, I want to know right away. As for politics, again keep that to yourself while playing with the clan. If a crow feels compelled to talk politics, take that crap down to the local pub and start shit there. There are plenty of sites dedicated to politics where people can go and argue to their hearts content. As for religion, it is in the same boat as politics and there is church available for those discussions. As previously stated, all this is in the SOP.
  8. Standard Operating Procedures

    Again I agree with all this. I'm all for bitching and being salty, but I try to stay away from politics, "N" words, etc. If any of those slip from my mouth please send me a PM to remind me!
  9. Standard Operating Procedures

    Well said Rockus. I don't think anyone minds the cursing and raging, but the racial or political stuff should be avoided. I've heard a few "N" bombs lately and it makes me uncomfortable.
  10. Standard Operating Procedures

    On a more serious note (sorry), I have noticed some unwelcome, at least in my book, political and racist/religious comments. Like OPO said, we don't need that. There are other places on the web you can post or chat about that shit, even if may be you shouldn't. I have come close to calling it out (well may be I have a couple of times), but it makes me very uncomfortable. The game is for fun, not to vent on your political or other views. Some of it has been said in what I am sure is thought of a clever little way. I just broke up with my best friend of the last 17 years because he wouldn't get off the politics. We don't need that here. That's my rant and I am sticking to it. As far as salty language, most of us use it, including me, but there are limits.
  11. Standard Operating Procedures

    Oh yeah, goat-fuck, that is a good one but then you also have chicken fucker, I mean can we really communicate in game without the occasional "chicken fucker" being used? (I'm very sorry to have potentially derail the seriousness of the actual topic. I think what prairie has said is important and I stand behind it 100%. I will assume a pm will be sent if my language goes too far. Sorry again.)
  12. Standard Operating Procedures

    It's "goat-fuck" Geronimo
  13. Standard Operating Procedures

    What about bestiality? Is that off limits? I mean every once in a while I'll let slip "pig fucker" (or any animal fucker at that) but if that is offending people I will do my best to comply......
  14. Standard Operating Procedures

    Can the violators get a private message, on what they said? I've been on almost everyday and haven't heard anything. I did hear someone say something pretty racist when I first became a Crow, and the next time I hear that person say something like that again, I will call them out.
  15. Standard Operating Procedures

    So for any Crow that still reads the forums - I had a member comment that there have been some rather immature behavior in party chats. I would ask that if you are not familiar with our Standard Operating Procedures, that you take the time to read them. I am the last one to call out anyone for Salty language - we all do it from time to time. Please try to refrain from inflammatory commentary that might contain religious/racial/ethnic slurs. If you have any issues or problems with what we ask of our Brother Crows, please reach out to Vile, Drinka, KC, Lucky or myself. You can find us under the Staff link at the top of the forum. If you are having trouble reaching anyone, you can reach out to me. Thanks.
  16. when should I apply to be a crow and not a recruit? I'm a recruit now

  17. online with jagerbomber, tango, mbo and rockusdad killing shit a lot of crows on battlefield 1 king tairon and cross fire, bonzi and the whole rest of the crow nation

  18. I have 4 votes for all the gamers who I play with please get on and vote for me. :ph34r:

  19. hey OnePrairieOutpost I am 33 years old born in the Philippines. im an army brat but moved back to Tennessee as a kid. now living in Massachusetts all I do is work school and game. love blowing shit up n killing ppl on battlefield. im known for my conquest skills capping objectives and getting top score. I love bowling which is my hobbie.

  20. How did you find out about OSC?

    Just to be clear, it doesn't seem that Air is one of the Stoners. He's too pure for that and clearly doesn't need anything else in his system to be "out there". Good player though in spite of it.
  21. How did you find out about OSC?

    We haven't got to play much together yet, but I hope we do soon.
  22. How did you find out about OSC?

    Yes, and ironically, some of them are my favorites to play with!
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